Besides winning numerous awards in the eyewear industry, CliC Goggles, CliC Readers and CliC Sunglasses are winning over all the hearts (and eyes) of all who use and need eyewear. Here are some selected letters and feedback we have received:

CliC Readers:

I bought my CLIC reading glasses about 5 yrs ago. During one winter I thought I had lost them and spent a week trying to find them and was about to give up when I was outside cleaning the snow off my truck. It was dark and I could feel something wrapped around my ankle. I ignored it and kept trying to kick it off from around my foot while I walked around the truck. When I was finally finished I looked down and it was my CLIC readers. They had been outside in the driveway for a week! It was cold and it had snowed .......I picked them up and have continued wearing them for another 2 yrs.  Love my CLIC readers!

Darcy B,

You have no idea how glad I am to get in touch with someone from CliC!  First of all- I think your Readers are brilliant!  For musicians, guitarists, string players in particular, who can't reach up during performance to re-adjust our glasses when they've slipped halfway down our face because both hands are engaged - they're really the BEST! Also, they're great for space cases like me who used to lose 5 pairs of reading glasses a week.

M. Ribot 

I received my CLIC Readers today! What great service!  They are WONDERFUL!  Glad I took your advice and ordered the regular size, they fit fine with my short hair.....and they adjust enough to wear with a toque... I read about 100 reviews on them before I bought them.  Pleased that I made the purchase.

Caroline K,
Wainright, AB

Let me tell you how many comments I've received on my CliC Readers! Not a day goes by when someone is astonished when they see me wearing my CliC Readers. Yesterday at a restaurant a gentleman excused himself to come over and comment.  Countless people have wondered if they were broken and one hotel clerk volunteered tape to fix them. I've already saved a small fortune in replacements for broken cheaters not to mention various lanyards, keepers, cords, and even surgical tubing. A great product!

Thank you,
Marilyn G.

I just love your glasses! I work in a restaurant and wait on about 200 people a week and it's just incredible how many of them ask about my glasses!  They all are amazed! Thanks also for the awesome service before and after .  Your company goes above and beyond.  So for the Calgary area I'm your official spokesman and I will be ordering more.

Lucy B.

I have had my CliC Readers ( several pairs ) for over a year now. They have withstood a lot of gentle abuse and they are still intact!! They are great in hospital settings as they can be easily cleaned and do not fall off. They are always there when you need them.

Thank you so much,
Susan K.

I love your glasses. Is your company on the stock exchange? If so, what is the symbol. I'd like to buy some shares.
Peter R.

I think your CliC Readers are the best thing since email! Keep up the good work!

J. Schmidt

I would like to pass on how happy I am with my new CliC Reading glasses. I was so surprised to have such fast delivery.  Your service is impressive and I will be happy to pass out the extra business cards you sent.  I have already given one to a friend who would like to order a pair. Thanks so much!

Dawn B.
Winnipeg, MB

First of all, let me say I love working with you and your company as you always make things feel very 'personal'. You're doing a wonderful job, and I have been spreading the word about your product to many people.  I look forward to doing further business! I'm at that age where many of my friends are in need of your product... heavy sigh...Thank you for your great service!

Regards, Marlene
Surrey, BC

My order arrived today. Excellent service - very timely and well packed, etc.  My wife said "very classy operation!"  We will definitely recommend your company.. I tried a pair of the LONG model of Readers.  They were very comfortable...I will probably order more soon. Thank you for your great service!

Best regards, Hugh S.
Vancouver, BC

I received my order in two days - very impressed.  Also, VERY IMPRESSED with my new CLICS, I don't even look for my prescription reading glasses now because my CLICS are always with me.  Love you guys!

Margaret T.
Red Deer, AB

I love my CliC adjustable front connect readers. I tried them out and liked them so much I bought two more pairs to color coordinate them with different outfits. I have not lost them once since I got them. I used to lose so many reading glasses that I took to buying tons of them and leaving them strategically around where I might need them. But, my CliC adjustables are always right there, but not like those librarian chains that bang around. The ingenious design causes them to hug your body like a piece of jewelry. They are also great conversation starters. People will say, “Oh, your glasses are broken.” Then I will demonstrate how they snap together and tell them where I purchased them. I am certain I have generated several orders.
Thanks for carrying these useful and unusual glasses.

Cindy S
Calgary, AB

The clic readers I recently purchased are absolutely wonderful. It beats looking for the pair I put down a minute ago and the strength is truer to form than those purchased at so many stores I have bought other readers from.  We own a business and keep the glasses on at all times. It is unbelieveable how many of our customers are impressed with the idea of front secured glasses and ask where we got them. We are happy to tell them they were purchased at
All the best.

Richmond, BC

About three years ago I bought my first pair of CliC glasses while I was working overseas. I instantly discovered they were the best pair of reading glasses I had ever purchased. So pleased was I with the magnetic “break-apart” feature and the solid headband that upon my return to Canada I had my optometrist place prescription lenses into the frames. About a month ago my headband broke by accident. Desperate to find who in Canada sold CliC eyewear I was pleased to find Catch Your Eye online. My initial e-mail was followed up by an actual phone call from their customer service. They immediately helped me get a replacement headband and in addition I bought another pair. These glasses are fantastic and in my experience are far superior to the ordinary cord/string/chain that some people use to keep their glasses around their neck. Similar to other testimonials, I very often get a comment about my glasses, and
 it’ll often be a person telling me that my glasses are broken and then kindly offering to tape them up. I explain what kind of glasses they are and they usually comment further by saying, “Gee what a great idea”.  Thanks to Catch Your Eye, you sell a great product and you also provide great service. You were excellent to deal with and very helpful. I recommend CliC eyewear and Catch Your Eye to anyone unconditionally.


CliC Goggles:

Here is a letter from a sufferer of Keratoconus, a degenerative corneal disease and how CliC Goggles helped him live his life to the fullest....

Because of this light sensitivity issue, on the advice of my doctor and out of pure necessity, I began wearing dark, polarized lenses and a hat; indoors and outdoors, day and night. Besides feeling like a fool in the beginning (wearing a hat and glasses indoors at night time will get you plenty of quizzical looks and surprisingly rude comments from strangers regarding my “self esteem issues”), these accessories eventually became part of who I am. I simply can not go anywhere without these two devices on my body, as my body won't function without extreme protection from light.

I had always talked with friends and family about how I wished sunglasses manufacturers would come out with a sunglasses/ski goggle hybrid; something that would totally cover the eye, yet not cover your entire face. It is by pure accident that I stumbled upon your product, the CliC Goggles. I actually read about them in an airplane magazine on the way home from Las Vegas a few weeks ago. I was amazed at how what I had drawn in my mind had been produced in the real world by your company. As soon as I got home, I went to your website, and after a few minutes of checking it out, I ordered a pair of CliC Goggles.

I have had them for a little over a week, and all I have to say is: “WOW”! What a difference! Because your goggles completely cover the eye, I no longer have to wear a hat. I no longer have to feel extremely ill walking down the halls of my work. I no longer have to worry about scratching my lenses beyond use due to falling off my head as the CliC Goggles stay snuggly and securely on my body, even when not worn directly over my eyes but merely draped around my neck. I can finally enjoy the sports I have always loved but have been unable to play recently due to my failing vision; Skiing would be a breeze with these, the goggles are GREAT for running (I run about 2 miles a day), and while most people probably wouldn’t wear sunglasses while lifting weights, I have to, and they stay on my face despite the sweat that streams down my face when lifting. Usually when working out, I’d be pushing my sunglasses up the bridge of my nose every 3 seconds. But with your goggles, I am able to work out, run, lift weights and do whatever I want with a snug fit that won’t come loose.