Catch Your Eye "SPREAD THE WORD" Rewards

Do you love your CliC Magnetic Glasses?
Do your friends, family and even complete strangers comment on your unique glasses?
Do they ask you where they can get a pair of CliCs for themselves?
Did you tell them you bought them from

If you answered YES to these questions, we would like to thank you and reward you for spreading the word about CliC Magnetic Eyewear and our website

For every customer you refer to Catch Your Eye that subsequently places an order online, you will receive an email Gift Voucher for $5.00 off on any future purchases on

It's easy, just ask them to ensure your name and email are entered in the comments section of their online order. That's it!

Keep on CliC’n ...the more you talk about CLIC and CATCH YOUR EYE, the more you'll save!