Catch Your Eye offers the entire CliC product line for wholesale purchase to qualified retailers.  Due to the overwhelming response to our products, there are specific requirements. If you are interested in selling CliC Magnetic Eyewear in your store please contact us and include:

1. Store name, address, phone number, fax number and business email. 
2. Please tell us what type of retail business you have (Gift Shop, Clothing and Accessories, Sporting Goods, Book Store etc.)
3. Tell us a bit about your store, other products you sell, how long you have been in business at your current location or any other information you think is relevant.
4. You may be required to submit proof of a business license and a GST number.

We currently supply Catch Your Eye - CliC Magnetic Eyewear to Canadian retailers from the following sectors: Retail, Specialty, Outdoor, Sports, Adventure, Travel, Gift, Jewellery, Accessories, Bookstores, Lifestyle and Fashion.  We also supply to Canadian retailers outside of these categories, because selling CLIC is much more about passion and demographics and much less about product category.

Position a stand of CliC Magnetic Reading Glasses at your point of purchase and just watch the energy it brings to your store!  CLICs are so unique that people want to talk about them and so it creates interaction between your customers and sales staff.  Every pair of CliC glasses that you sell from your store is a walking advertisement for you!  Before long, people will get to know that your store stocks CliC and consumers will seek you out.  To support retail, we offer display systems, high resolution product images, flyers, barcoding, vendor re-fills etc.

We'd love to welcome you to our wholesale family so please send us your information so we can get started!