Compact Folding Reader

Introducing CliC COMPACT, the foldable, pocket-sized magnetic reading glasses.  CliC Magnetic Readers are more convenient than ever! CliC Compact readers have a soft and pliable headband so they can be neatly and easily, curled, folded up and stored in your briefcase, purse, toolbox or even a pocket. This model suits both men and women and is adjustable to fit most average head sizes. Also available with tinted reading lenses in some strengths.

CliC Magnetic Reading Glasses, the most unique, practical and comfortable readers you'll ever buy! No more 'granny chains or strings'! CLIC Readers stay in place and won’t slide off your nose. When not in use, simply separate them at the magnetic connection at the bridge of the nose and your glasses hang conveniently around your neck...ready for when you need them again.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. "You'll never lose your reading glasses again!"

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  • CliC COMPACT folding reader - BLACK frame The foldable CliC magnetic reading glasses are ftted with optical quality poly-carbonate, distortion-free clear or tinted lenses (with UV protection) in a wide diopters. This model suits both men and women and is adjustable to comfortably fit most average head sizes. Black frame with black headband only. Sizing...

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