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The CliC SONOMA Reader  was designed to allow for unobstructed sight while they are being worn. There is NO frame along the top edge of the lenses so you can comfortably look over the lenses while wearing them.  This is the perfect CliC Reader for men and women who like to wear their reading glasses farther down on the nose or who like to wear their readers all the time. 

CliC Magnetic Reading Glasses, the most unique, practical and comfortable readers you'll ever buy! No more 'granny chains or strings'! CLIC Readers stay in place and won’t slide off your nose. When not in use, simply separate them at the magnetic connection at the bridge of the nose and your glasses hang conveniently around your neck...ready for when you need them again.

All prices are in Canadian dollars. "You'll never lose your reading glasses again!"

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items