Catch Your Eye - CliC Magnetic Eyewear...."You'll never lose your glasses again!"

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patented and unique CLIC Magnetic Front Closure Eyewear.

Do you have many pairs of reading glasses lying all over the house? Do you still have trouble finding a pair when you need one? That has all changed now....CLIC is a revolution in eyewear! No more searching for your reading glasses! No more granny chains or old-fashioned strings that tangle in your hair or clothes!

Until now, the life of reading glasses was a tough one. Either they got lost, or more often, they got sat on. In this high-tech age, what was the best thing we could come up with to solve this problem? Clumsy cases, flimsy folding glasses, or the cumbersome chain tangle, ‘the granny chain’. With the Baby Boomer Generation at a point in life where they need readers, but still want something fashionable and unique... CLIC Magnetic Readers are the answer!

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Catch Your Eye - CliC Magnetic Eyewear, the most comfortable, unique and practical eyeglasses you'll ever buy!  Say goodbye to strings and granny chains.....with CliC "You'll never lose your glasses again!"  All prices in Canadian dollars.



Here are some selected letters and feedback we have received:
  • I bought my CLIC reading glasses about 5 yrs ago. During one winter I thought I had lost them and spent a week trying to find them and was about to give up when I was outside cleaning the snow off my truck. It was dark and I could feel something wrapped around my ankle. I ignored it and kept trying to kick it off from around my foot while I walked around the truck. When I was finally finished I looked down and it was my CLIC readers. They had been outside in the driveway for a week! It was cold and it had snowed .......I picked them up and have continued wearing them for another 2 yrs. Love my CLIC readers!

    Darcy B

  • You have no idea how glad I am to get in touch with someone from CliC! First of all- I think your Readers are brilliant! For musicians, guitarists, string players in particular, who can't reach up during performance to re-adjust our glasses when they've slipped halfway down our face because both hands are engaged - they're really the BEST! Also, they're great for space cases like me who used to lose 5 pairs of reading glasses a week.

    M. Ribot

  • I received my CLIC Readers today! What great service! They are WONDERFUL! Glad I took your advice and ordered the regular size, they fit fine with my short hair.....and they adjust enough to wear with a toque... I read about 100 reviews on them before I bought them. Pleased that I made the purchase.

    Caroline K

  • Let me tell you how many comments I've received on my CliC Readers! Not a day goes by when someone is astonished when they see me wearing my CliC Readers. Yesterday at a restaurant a gentleman excused himself to come over and comment. Countless people have wondered if they were broken and one hotel clerk volunteered tape to fix them. I've already saved a small fortune in replacements for broken cheaters not to mention various lanyards, keepers, cords, and even surgical tubing. A great product!

    Marilyn G.